Multi Pad

Multi Pad
Multi-Control Panel for built-in system

NSK’s Multi Pad uniquely enables control of the NLX nano and NLX plus electric micromotors and the Varios 170 ultrasonic scaler in one system. When partnered with Multi Pad, the NLX nano reaches speeds of 1,000 - 40,000 min-1 and delivers a powerful 3.4Ncm torque, whilst the NLX plus additionally offers 3 user-friendly endo modes; auto-reverse on, auto-stop and auto-reverse off. NSK’s Multi Pad can also be used to control all functions of the Varios 170 ultrasonic scaler.


  • User friendly LCD display and interface to select settings.
  • Visual identification on the display is possible even during operation of the handpiece.
  • Up to 8 programs (motor only).
  • Supports 5 languages (English, Espanol, Italiano, Francais and Deutsch).