Slim Ergonomic Design and Unrivalled Cutting Performance

S-Max M series air turbines feature unrivalled cutting performance, a slim ergonomically designed body and excellent visibility. It has been developed to realize what dentists need in their practice. NSK 'ISB' (Integrated Shaft Bearings) reduce vibration and guarantee more accurate and consistent cutting. For easy maintenance of S-Max M air turbines, cartridges can be replaced easily in your practice helping you to control cost and down-time. S-Max M series has been designed without compromise to pay attention to every detail.


KAVO® Couplings M600KL Standard head
M500KL Miniature head
SIRONA® Couplings M600SL Standard head
M500SL Miniature head
BIEN-AIR®  UNIFIX® M600BLED Standard head
M500BLED Miniature head
W&H® ROTO QUICK M600WLED Standard head
M500WLED Miniature head